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Covid-19 Trends Tracker

Last year, I developed a small web application using Python's bottle web application framework. It's a very simple application, using supervisor (previously cron) to run a python script weekly that grabs and processes the Louisiana Department of Health's latest public data on covid-19 case trends. This then provides this data to an application which serves it through an also very simple API, to be used by a lean Web front-end that uses d3.js to provide data visualizations.

It's available for viewing here.

I developed the application mainly to compare trends between two parishes in my area: Caddo, which I live in, and neighboring Bossier Parish. When I find the time, I would like to add several new features to this application, allowing for all Louisiana parishes to be compared against each other.

Presently, there are visualizations for daily per capita case and test trends, as well as percent positive tests. In the future, development will be geared toward increasing the interactivity of these visualizations, enabling transformation of values from per capita to absolute numbers.

In the meantime, here's a preview: